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Thursday, September 22, 2011

flashback friday's the third + the ugly sweater

the weeks have been FLYING by. 
how is it already friday!?

here is my ugly sweater. 

you will really want to read this story. it's quite hilarious.

for this, you will need a little background.

my hubby & i moved from utah to idaho in may of this year.

long story short, we are moving BACK to utah on saturday. [hooray, hooray]

we love our home. and can't wait to be back.
okay. now that you know that,
i bought this sweater at the di a little bit ago for $3.
i seriously love it. 
i came home to show my hubby. all giddy inside that i found such a great sweater for such a great price.
and this is what he said:
(well, first he just laughed)
"we have been in idaho WAAY too long. 
when we get back to utah, you are going to think that sweater is so ugly!"
now he didn't say those exact words, but something similar :)
we were talking to my bro & sis in law on skype a couple days after.
we love them. it has been so hard for us to be away from them and again, 
can't wait to be back!
i told them the story of what the hubby said.
they laughed.
"in fact," (this is me speaking) 
"i am going to go get the sweater to show it to you, because it really is not bad!"
i even said "H, you will probably like it!"
(H is my sis in law)
nobody gets names online except me :)
to my surprise,
H&J busted up in laughter.
cause i LOVE my ugly sweater.
so i said:
"you know what, i am going to take pictures of me wearing my sweater 
and you will see how GREAT it really is."
J has been pestering me to get pictures up here since i said that.
so without further ado, brother:


what do you think now... still ugly!?
so readers... i need you to help me settle this debate!!
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  • that sweater really is great. i don't care what you say :)
  • great job lauryn, you can definitely style an UGLY sweater to make it GREAT!
  • lauryn, you are crazy. i agree with your hubs and H&J
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