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Monday, October 31, 2011

november desktops

if you have been checking up,
you will notice that i have been making lots of changes around here.
i am coming to an end though!
so maybe i can get back to posting like normal.

happy birthday to my hubby today.
i have lots of stuff to put up here, so be ready.

for today,
here are the desktops for november.
let me know what you think.
if the sizes work, etc.

just right click/double click and save to your computer!



Friday, October 28, 2011

no flashback friday this week!

sorry everybody,
busy busy.... so no flashback friday today!
as you can see i am still not quite satisfied with the blog's appearance.
it will end soon.
promise....as soon as i find something i am COMPLETELY satisfied with :)
happy weekend lovelies!
{love} lauryn

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it's all a bunch of HOCUS POCUS!

we went to witch stock in ogden this past weekend.
me and my ladies went as the
from hocus pocus
scroll down if you are just interested in seeing how my costume was made

amuck, amuck, amuck!!

during witch stock we were asked to perform
i put a spell on you
at the car show at burger stop..SO FUN

we watched the movie LOTS to get the costumes and dance as perfect as we could

we made the costumes 100%
they are completely pieced, hot glued, and safety pinned together
we got everything from savers, di, & fabric stores.
mine costed $25 and it was the MOST expensive. WOO!!

a breakdown of my costume:
hair: made longer by borrowing my bestie's hair extension. (thanks love)
lace sleeves: an ugly white dress i got at the di to turn into a skirt..dyed with rit dye
corset: sis in law's lingerie with added fabric glued on
purple part of skirt: a HUGE graduation gown pinned around waist-
sleeves tied in a knot and safety pinned up.  
cape, red & gold parts: fabric from joannes

i had to throw this picture in. i LOVE my cute hubby.
isn't he darling :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wrapping with newspaper

right after we picked up our things and moved back to utah from idaho, 
i sold something on etsy.
in an effort to ship the item wrapped uniquely with most of my materials still packed, 
i decided to try my hand at wrapping with newspaper.

i only had this ribbon, 
i would have liked to add some tulle, buttons, oh and all craziness to make a darling bow.
but i kinda like the simplicity sometimes.

christmas wrapping?
easy, peasy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

decorative scissors and tape to paint nails

my sister told me about this idea she had seen on pinterest.
so i thought i would give it a try.
you will need:

paint your lightest coat on all fingers like you normally would:

cut the tape with the decorative scissors of your choice:

put the tape on your finger nail and paint over top:

IMPORTANT STEP! let the paint dry before you take off the tape.
then take the tape off and....walah!

next time i try this i want to get decorative scissors that have a smaller design 
so they can fit across my whole nail... i'll have to invest in some.

happy monday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what you didn't know about michael jackson...

hi readers!
(well i sure hope there are still readers)
i know i have been off and on lately, and hardly ANY crafting has been going on.
i hope i get some tutorial time soon!
life is busy. that is all there is to it. 
but to remind you that i'm still alive, and that this blog is too...
i thought i'd share a little story:

you may know that i am a preschool teacher.
this is what i learned at school the other day.
disclaimer: i am a michael jackson fan. this story in no way means offense to the star.
it's just funny.

from the lips of a four year old:
"miss lauryn, watch this. i can do the moon walk."

"wow, that is quite the moon walk!"

my head:
"how is falling on the floor over and over a moon walk??"

four year old:
"yeah, michael jackson does the moon walk...but we don't really like michael jackson...we like justin beiber. he's awesomer."

justin beiber is totally awesome.

my head:
"awesomer....hehe :)"

four year old:
"did you know michael jackson got his neck hurt one time and his head fell off...so he had to get a new one...and when he got a new one...it was a girl one"

whoulda thought. bet you never knew that, huh!

have a happy day everyone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

a collection of awesome album artwork

album design is so inspiring.
i made a collection of some of my recent favorites.
(now just because i like the artwork...doesn't mean i listen to the music. 
a lot of these albums i had never even heard...i just liked their designs!)

love the type in this one. the "pretty letdown" is transparent lettering. sweet!

love stripes. i think i would like the whole thing striped actually.

oooh. hand drawn buildings. love these.

retro hand drawn flowers, mountains, etc. great color combo too.
i think this one is my favorite. i really like the retro shapes lined up.

trees are always great.

water color background with a cutout on top. love it.

i think this one is fabulous. i love the distressed circle combinations.

fabulous lettering.

i love the black and white imagery with this one.

which one is your favorite?
any cd album art you love?

we are getting so close to 175 followers and the choose your own giveaway!

happy monday everyone.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

envelope turned to gift pouch

i guest posted over at oops! i craft my pants a little while ago
sharing this tutorial.
and now it's time to share it with you!

a couple of months ago, my cute little sister showed me a SWEET way 
to transform an envelope into a treat/gift pouch:

it really is awesome. and so easy.
shall we see what to do?

all you need:
an envelope
any size depending on what you will use it for
a glue stick
any embellishments you want to add!

start with your envelope:

glue the flap shut:

cut off abou half inch of one side end for an opening:

fold and score each side except for the end you cut.
(it doesn't matter the direction you fold it, you just need the mark.)

make sure to score the folds well.
it makes the next part easier.

no you are going to open the envelope
and sort of squish out your folds so are flat and make a square:

you will have the corner flaps left up:

put some glue on the flaps and fold them to the bottom:

and that's it!

add embellishments of your choice.
i shaped my opening and added paper & doodles to make it look like a popcorn bag.
i thought this would be such a fun idea for giving a movie gift card.

just slide the gift card to the movies right in!

here's what it looks like from the back,
you can see the envelope fold.

we are SOOO close to the 5 giveaways!
175 followers and we are there!
later, later!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

decorating pumpkins-no carving

i am a preschool teacher.
for halloween, each class will get one pumpkin for the students to decorate.
yes. ALL the students-in my case 26.
and yes.
ONE pumpkin.
so i have been looking for creative/non-carving ways for the kids to help out in decorating our classroom pumpkin.
here are my ideas so far:

if these pictures belong to you, please let me know.
i googled the images and got some from pinterest.
i have no intention of stealing your work without credit.

mummy pumpkin
{mummy pumpkin}
i'll wrap it in tp with the kiddos!
Haunted House Pumpkin
{haunted house pumpkin}
with the kiddies i would use paper & paint
Pinned Image
{stem for witches nose}
super cute!
paper hat, foam mask, yarn hair, painted mouth

 Hamburger Pumpkin
{hamburger pumpkin}
don't know what was used for the inside.
pumpkin seeds taken and used as sesame seeds on the "bun"

{decopauged pumpkin}
using newspaper, magazine prints, or tissue paper.
each child could add a piece on.
wonderful way to include everyone.

{masquerade pumpkins}
too cute to pass up.
we could do two masks and the kids get a turn to decorate them.
then make it a two faced pumpkin.
{chalkboard pumpkin}
very good idea.
but i wonder how that would work with 26 lil yappers.

i would LOVE to hear if any of you have some ideas for a classroom pumpkin for us!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

some halloween pictures

my hubby & i went to boston in may of this year.
there were some awesome photo ops.
i said:
my husband took the first and third pic.
i took the second and last
(the last one was taken in idaho on the side of the road. sweet!)
i did all of the editing in photoshop.
i have some great plans for these photos.
i can't wait to get to them and show you all what's up my sleeve.

if you want to use these images, feel free.
if you want them without the love notes by lauryn just email me.
i'd be happy to send you one or all.

i only ask that if you use them for printing, etc.
you take a picture of what you've done so i can feature you on here!
wouldn't that be great to have a collection of different creations from these pics?
i love fall.
hope you all are enjoying it too!

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