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Thursday, September 22, 2011

a dress mesh, but i don't sew.

i sewed guys!!

be proud of me.
i'm so proud of myself.

these dresses really are not that bad.
are you curious why i destroyed them?
i really never wore the black one. so i wasn't sad to let it go.
the gray one was my favorite. but it had the weirdest stains that appeared.
some all over the skirt.
and one bleach stain on the top.
i really don't know how they got there.

so here's what i did.
cut off the top of the gray dress and the bottom of the black one and sewed them together.
then i took the ruffles from the black dress and hand stitched them to the gray top to cover the bleach spot.
you may know, i am not a seamstress.
but i made this work!
[[no laughing.]]
i am showing you how bad i am at sewing.

despite my beginner-ness,
 i figured out an answer to it all..
a belt.

and now it looks great :)

do you like the necklace? my bestie made it for me a while back.
love you ky! 


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