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Thursday, September 22, 2011

a dress mesh, but i don't sew.

i sewed guys!!

be proud of me.
i'm so proud of myself.

these dresses really are not that bad.
are you curious why i destroyed them?
i really never wore the black one. so i wasn't sad to let it go.
the gray one was my favorite. but it had the weirdest stains that appeared.
some all over the skirt.
and one bleach stain on the top.
i really don't know how they got there.

so here's what i did.
cut off the top of the gray dress and the bottom of the black one and sewed them together.
then i took the ruffles from the black dress and hand stitched them to the gray top to cover the bleach spot.
you may know, i am not a seamstress.
but i made this work!
[[no laughing.]]
i am showing you how bad i am at sewing.

despite my beginner-ness,
 i figured out an answer to it all..
a belt.

and now it looks great :)

do you like the necklace? my bestie made it for me a while back.
love you ky! 



  1. It looks awesome! I am impressed!!! Your design is way cute!!! GOOD JOB! I am soooo proud of you!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go! You are so inspiring!!

  3. You did a great job! It is very cute.

  4. love the belt with it. Looks so cute!

  5. LOVE it!!! the belt makes the outfit for sure

  6. It looks so cute! You did a great job and I love your belt fix :)

  7. I love it! I wouldn't have thought to mix gray with black. Your sewing is awesome! And when I saw that necklace I was like oh that's a cute necklace... haha I cant believe you still have it! I think your project is so cute though! Great job.

  8. This is really unique! Very cute.

  9. Very fashionable transformation !

  10. Love it girl!!! Don't be so hard on your sewing skills!! You did good!
    Did you link this up to our Show & Share? I'd love for you too if you haven't!!!

  11. You've made a fantastic makeover!!
    I think it is fabulous!
    (Visiting from Kara's Diva party)

  12. Lauryn you are just miss talented. Love it!

  13. That's a really awesome idea. Lol, I sew a lot, and I still find ways to cover up mistakes. Belts, ribbons etc.:) I think the belt probably smoothes out the transition from grey to black as well.:) I'm a new follower from Happy Hour projects:)

  14. Super cute and a great idea! I've never thought about a 'dress mash up' before... excuse me while I go rummage through my closet!....

  15. I AM so proud of you!! Great job...and a belt hides so many of my problems too ;)

    Thanks so much for linking to 20 Below Thursday!! :)

  16. You did a great job! thanks for coming to link up at my party thsi weekend! have a great week.

  17. Really does look great. Super creative too :)

  18. It turned out super cute! Great job! I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing to! I thing you just have to try things and you learn along the way and make things work when a little oops happens :) Thanks for linking up with us!


  19. Okay, you are cracking me up! Belts hide a multitude of mistakes... way to use it! The dress looks great. I'm so glad you linked it up today!

  20. Very cute! I love the new dress! I'm going to go find all of my "bleached" shirts and see what I can mess them with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Hi Lauryn. I saw you on The Southern Institute. You did a great job for someone who doesn't sew. And I love the creative way you came up with to save your favorite dress while reusing one you weren't crazy about. Way to up-cycle!

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  22. Thanks again for linking this up! I'm making it one of my features tomorrow!! Come grab a button!

  23. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Genius Link Party! Don't forget to link up again Friday!


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