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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

how to draw halloween characters

i realize it is only september. 
but seriously. halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. 
i have got to soak it up as LOOONG as i can. 
if you didn't know already, i love working with little kids. 
i can't wait to be able to teach kindergarten one day. 
i do not have any kids of my own yet, but when i do, 
i want them to feel they can be a part of my crafting too!! 
so today i made a how to draw halloween characters page. 



and the vampire bat:

these are free for your use....anywhere you want!!
but here's the deal.
i would LOVE to see what little kiddies created using these drawings.
if you use these how to draw templates, 
please take or scan in a picture of the child's drawing and we will have a 
show and tell with the kid's pictures here at love notes!!
email me with the pictures you have @ 

how FUN would it be to have a show off party for our KIDS!!
tell your friends guys.. this is going to be great :)

if you would like, here is a document with all three on one page:

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