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Monday, August 1, 2011

"a" is for accessories

hi everybody!
so here it is. letter A!
i rounded up some awesome accessories i love for hair these days.
plus, some fun hair accessory tutorials.

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now on to the fun stuff!


1. polka dot suede hair bow
seems super easy to make! get some leather (or thick fabric or felt!) cut 4 teardrop shapes, bump the material to add some texture, hot glue like a mad man, and wrap the center with ribbon. CUTE!
2. leather cuff around high bun
for those of you who don't have super long or thick hair and can't quite create an LC high top bun, add a little leather cuff to make the bun appear thick!
3. lace & fabric head wrap
again, make this! you might have to break out the sewing machine for this one. get a piece of lace ribbon, measure it to your head, sew on a piece of cute fabric to each end of the lace and tie at the neck.
4. ivory roses headband
tutorial for how to make lace roses that look similar to these at the bottom of this post. add to any headband. easy!
5. metal hair clip
in high school i had a pair of earrings i didn't love in my ears, but still loved :) so i attached them to a bobby pin and stuck them in my hair! take a great piece of jewelry and glue to a clip... it will look something like this one!
6. flowers and confetti veil
just one flower is boring with this ensemble. pop in flowers galore, get some netting or tulle, and glue circles from the inside of your 3 whole punch on the netting. pin it up and you are rockin a party look in an instant!
7. crochet hair bow
i got one of these at a local fair the other day for $0.75! mine was made from yarn, and i adore it. a very cute addition to a ponytail. if you have a tutorial for something similar, let me know and i will link you here!
8. butterfly leather cuff
remember these? they are back! (at least in my opinion. hee.) add to the top of your ponytail, or around a top knot like in #2. ^^^
9. crochet pom pom elastics
can be made an easy way too with pom poms (may not be as adorable as these, but still cute). get a hair elastic, cut it open, take a needle of some sort and attach to the end of the elastic. poke a whole through the pom pom and pull it through. re glue the elastic.
10. felt rose
easy to make i am sure. i am breaking out the felt soon! let's make some felt hair creations! possibilities are endless. i'm all for something that can be easily hot glued :)
11. embellished hair pins
adorable little things. perfect way to add some pizazz to a simple style.


<<<< lace rose clip tutorial >>>>

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