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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"b" is for braids

i have been picking raspberries and canning with grandma today. didn't expect it to take so long!
so here is letter B. better late then never!
this is a long post. stick with me cause it has AWESOME stuff about braiding.

as we know, 
braids are a total hit right now. 
above are some incredible styles i love with braids.
braids are a great way to add dimension to any hairstyle, and can make a simple do look fab!

here are some fun different braids:
scroll down for super cute braided up do tutorials.

the push up braid

braid a single braid like normal, take to strands and pull aside.
you will push these strands up while holding the single strand down.
it should look something like the picture below.

 pin it with a bobby pin and it will stay scrunched!
i think a lot of these around in one area would be cute.
it's like your own accessory!

skinny, fat, fat braid

braid like normal, but make one strand drastically smaller than the other two.
even mine in this pic could have been a lot smaller to add a more dynamic look.

i love braiding hair, but sometimes it gets tricky to try some of these awesome
braided up dos on my own hair.
so i have created a tutorial for a braided headband up do.

EASY BRAIDING for doing your own hair.
french braid and fishbone free so you can do this one by yourself.
it took me about 10-15 minutes. SIMPLE and CUTE!

hair spray your flyaways, pin the braids so the ends are hidden
and the pins are tucked away, 

yes, i realize i look stellah in these photos.
i don't know how you ladies do hair tutorials all by yourself!

here is another braid tutorial from Raising 4 Princesses.
thank you so much maria for letting me share this!
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