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Monday, October 8, 2012

blog leave..

hello all my blog readers & friends. 
i have quite a big bloggy announcement.
as of today, i will no longer be running love notes by lauryn.
i have too many other things in my life right now that need my attention.
namely: school, work, church, and most importantly family.
i haven't had much time (if any) to relax and take a break.. with the many things going on in my life
i decided i needed to put things of importance first.
as much as i LOVE writing this blog and hearing from all of you, 
it is time to say goodbye.
at least for now.
maybe one day i will return to blogging, 
but as of now... i put way more time into blogging than my outside life can afford.

on the other hand, 
i will continue to run an etsy shop. 
i have re-named & re-branded lulu's little loft.
it is now called "almost noelle" check out the about page of the shop to see where the name came from.
for now, there is only one item listed. but i intend to list many more in the future. 
to see some of the artwork that will be featured in the shop, check out the almost noelle blog page
(this is just a blog where i post pictures from the shop, there will be no other content there.
i would LOVE to be a part of giveaways & sponsorships.
so please, please contact me either through etsy or via e-mail if you are interested.
we will see if we can work something out.

i want to give a HUMUNGOUS thank you to ALL of you. 
thank you sooo much for reading my little blog and for sending such sweet and sincere comments my direction.

the love notes twitter & facebook pages will be closed as well as all other accounts i have linked to love notes (aside from polyvore, which will stay open)
the love notes blog will continue to stay open for readers to access past content,
but until further notice in the future, no new content will be added.
love much, 
{love} lauryn

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

vintage circus wedding: ring toss banner with fabric letters

a carnival wedding MUST have carnival games, right?
at little sissy's wedding, there will be a ring toss.
i made a banner for the ring toss and got stuck on how i was going to write "RING TOSS"
i wanted the letters to stand out.
i thought of drawing them but that wouldn't show up on the yellow paper.
i thought about cutting out paper, but i felt like it would have looked unprofessional.
as i was thinking, i saw a piece of burnt orange fabric and an idea sparked!
twisted fabric letters!!
i will be able to get a picture of the full banner at the actual wedding.
we have wedding stuff scattered around the house, so i couldn't find a pretty clutter-free photo area.
i also made a chain link out of fun scrapbook paper. 
i will be hanging this up around the reception room.
wedding planning has been fun, but i'm SO excited to have it over with.
this has been such a CRAZY busy time for us!
have a loverrly day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

i love to draw.

i had to let out some steam tonight...
so i took this picture & turned it to a drawing:

i love my tablet!
& i love being able to vent through art.
(ps. nothing bad happened, i am just so SICK of school this semester... bleh.)

i decided to hashtag my blog post.. hehe.
yes, i know this is not how hashtags are to be used.
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