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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

vintage circus wedding: ring toss banner with fabric letters

a carnival wedding MUST have carnival games, right?
at little sissy's wedding, there will be a ring toss.
i made a banner for the ring toss and got stuck on how i was going to write "RING TOSS"
i wanted the letters to stand out.
i thought of drawing them but that wouldn't show up on the yellow paper.
i thought about cutting out paper, but i felt like it would have looked unprofessional.
as i was thinking, i saw a piece of burnt orange fabric and an idea sparked!
twisted fabric letters!!
i will be able to get a picture of the full banner at the actual wedding.
we have wedding stuff scattered around the house, so i couldn't find a pretty clutter-free photo area.
i also made a chain link out of fun scrapbook paper. 
i will be hanging this up around the reception room.
wedding planning has been fun, but i'm SO excited to have it over with.
this has been such a CRAZY busy time for us!
have a loverrly day.

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