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Monday, July 2, 2012

woah, slow down, summer.

i seriously can not believe july is already here.
i had a completely different post scheduled for today and realized...
holy schmoles.
june is over, we need a new desktop!
so, it is 1:25 am as i am writing this post, and i just finished the desktop.
so you better use it!! (totally kidding)
but here it is for your own gee wiz.

just right/double click & save as then set as your desktop background.
if you have any trouble, sizing is weird, the image is pixelated, i messed up on the calendar, whatever, PLEASE let me know!

come back tomorrow for a WAY exciting post about jazzing up my jeans.
happy monday!


  1. lovely. Featured you over on my monthly calendar round-up. Thanks! :)


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