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Sunday, June 10, 2012

layers, skinnies, & gem vest

preschool is over!
and i have a one week break until summer school starts again..
i love when i have a break from wearing professional pants all the time, 
so here is a fashion post for today.

what i wore:
so i have to tell you a couple fun things about this outfit.
+i got the vest at the abercrombie & fitch outlet store in park city, utah.
it costed $9 (at the most)
+the two shirts under the vest were hand me downs (from my mom & sis.)
+and the skinnies are the miley cyrus line from wal mart. yes. wal mart. i should be embarrassed, 
well, i kinda am. but i LOVE the way they fit. 
so hey, get your clothes from here & there and mix them all together to make this:

i added this blurry picture in for fun. i kinda liked the way it turned out.

happy week!

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