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Monday, April 2, 2012

stay beautiful day three: red pants, striped shirt

welcome back to the stay beautiful series!
for those of you who are new, or don't know, 
the stay beautiful series is me doing my best to be taylor swift!
i am doing 8 days of taylor fashion. we are on day three!
also, i did a similar series in december.

now here is day three.
a little bit of a nautical look from miss taylor.
here is a side by side. the inspiration & the real thing:

would you believe it started SNOWING while we were taking these photos!
the weather in utah is indecisive.

always need a weird pic to add in the bunch.

can't do a shoot without the baby trix :)

now say a big thank you to little sissy cause she let me wear her shirt.
here's the outfit breakdown:
shirt: ae (sissy's)
pants: jc penny's
bag: thrifted
shoes: ross
earrings: target

come back tomorrow to see more!
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