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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

march computer desktop

crazy stuff happens in life guys.
i will leave it at that.
love the people you are around, 
and be your best self.
as much as you can.
it's so important... and people will notice.

ready for march's desktop?
i would love for you to follow the blog in any way if you want to use the desktop.

here you are:



just right/double click the image and save as.
let me know if there are problems!

welcome march!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

march decor table & link party coming again!

my hubby and i live in my momma's basement.
i don't want to take over her house too much.
so i have a table at the base of our stairs where i go all out on decorating.
everywhere else in the basement i just have simple things.
so here is the base of the stairs table for march:

bought these at a boutique last year
bought two fabulous green glasswares at the thrift store
added an accordion paper flower and buttons to this one.
added paper flowers on cut hanger wire to this one
i got a bunch of wood chunks from my grandpa's camping lot last year.
i added a piece of paper and a ribbon.. giving march a little rustic feel!
what do you have for march decorations?
if you have great things, i want you to share them with me and all the love notes readers!
i've decided to start back up on the link party.
instead of being flashback fridays, 
this time it will be sharing the LOVE!
so you can link up WHATEVER you want.
there will be NO RULES.
so be sure to check back on friday, 
the link will be up with a GIVEAWAY!!!

{love} lauryn 

Monday, February 27, 2012

seasonal chalkboard

i made this chalkboard a little while ago as an item to sell in my craft booth over the summer.
unfortunately, like many items, it didn't sell.
so it is now a decoration in my home.
which i am kinda happy about because i like it :)

i have decided to make it a monthly/seasonal decor board.
i'm kind of excited to put something new on here every month!
here's for march:
my march "mantle" is coming up soon, 
so be sure to come back and check it out!

love to you all.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

diy laptop decal

i'm back!
as you have likely noticed, 
i have been doing some redesigning around here.
i can't tell you why i do it, i just love to create! 
so here i am, back in posting action!
check out my latest!

i have seen some awesome computer decals on etsy lately that i love.
but i decided i just wanted to get it done and do it myself.
now, i don't have a machine (silhouette, cricket, etc.)
but i do have a sheet of vinyl i got from a craft store a while back.
i used it to make a calendar over the summer, 
you can see the calendar post here.

so i used my handy scissors to cut out simple triangles and lines,
and here's what i came up with!

i was SUPER happy with it.
i was surprised that just a couple of shapes added some spice to my plain laptop!

have a fabulous night

Sunday, February 19, 2012

the five minute headband

i have been wanting to make a simple decorative headband for quite some time now.
i keep having a felt bow image in my head.
the above picture isn't quite how i had imagined it, but i actually really love how it turned out.
i am thinking i will be making a few more of these!
it seriously took five minutes to make, 
if that!

here's the tutorial:

you will need:
a glue gun
a stretchy headband
a long felt piece with a triangle cut from each end
a short piece of felt

fold the long piece together matching up the ends
(it may be easier to cut the ends at this step instead of before so the ends match)

put hot glue on the inside of the fold where the arrow points below

when you unfold it, it should look like this.
stuck together by the glue on the inside.

put the felt piece on a flat surface.
add hot glue to secure the loose edges.

it should look like this:

take the short piece of felt. 
wrap it around the center of the piece you have completed.
it will resemble a bow.
secure the piece in place with hot glue.

secure the piece to your headband with hot glue.
i cut my headband apart to make it a little larger.
you do not need to cut your headband!

cover your gluey mess with an extra piece of felt.

and that's it!
(yes... i added an extra skinny piece around the center to give it a little pizazz)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

today's lovelies: cherry pie & kitchen timers

bestie and i went shopping the other day...
roaming around downtown slc.
we went to great shops like:

emilie jayne

here are some snaps from a lovely adventure:

incredible painting.
love the pattern.

love the design on this pie dish.
the edges are awesome and the text is fab.

want to diy this necklace.
i'm loving it.

decided i NEED a kitchen timer.
aren't these fabulous!

have a 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

handmade leather cuffs

sharing some awesome leather cuffs with you today:
pops & sissy made these sweet bracelets.
i have yet to meet up with them to do these leather crafts, 
and i'm sad i haven't been able to make anything with them yet.
anybody have any fun leather accessories i should try?

blog update: 
there is now page where you can look for giveaways going on in blogland!
click the giveaways button in the right sidebar >>>>>>>
to see recent giveaways on this blog, 
and on blogs people have linked up.
and if you have a giveaway going on now, LINK IT UP!!
happy sunday evening folks 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

featured blogger & shop: whit speaks


hope everyone is enjoying their day so far.
every day is worth being enjoyed.
so bring on the happy!

i wanted to introduce you to a darling blogger i met a little bit ago.
her blog is the epitome of happy.
i mean look at this cheerful welcome photo:
this here is whitney from whitspeaks.
she runs a sweet college lifestyle blog full of fun
here is one of my favorite posts of hers...

whitney recently announced the opening of her etsy shop
where she sells some AMAZING retro, doodle, henna inspired artwork.

Yellow Flower Drawing on Canvas

i don't know about you, but i feel like i just NEED one of these in my home.

here's the best part.
each of these canvas prints
COST $10.50

i have a hard time deciding a favorite.
i would love to have all THREE of these canvas prints in a row above a mantle, or a sofa.

what do you think?
which canvas is your FAVORITE!?

go give whitney a shout out,
she deserves it... isn't she fabulous!

have a great day people.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


so i have a secret.
Fanning Sisters for W Magazine 01
fanning sisters for W magazine
sometimes as i am blog browsing, 
looking for great new blogs to follow...
if the blog design is INCREDIBLE,
i just click follow.

and not just through GFC, 

yes. i know. i am shallow.
i judge books by their covers
(aka: blogs by their headers) 
and not their content!

blog design makes a HUGE difference in the way ANY blog is percieved.
at least in my shallow opinion.

so it's time to evaluate.
is your blog worthy of shallow eyes like myself?
does your blog INVITE browsers to read your content, or drive people away?
think it's time for a redesign?

you're in luck.
because i am offering a free custom blog makeover over at life as twiggy!

blog design is some of my favorite stuff to do.
(as you can likely tell with how often my design changes!)
so i'm itchin' to create something amazing for YOU!

the contest is only open for
so you've gotta act fast
if you want to win this awesome giveaway.

let's get your blog looking SPIFFY!
(trust me. it's easy!)

happy tuesday people!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

love the life you live printable

wow seriously.
time has completely ESCAPED me!
i didn't realize i haven't blogged since tuesday.
and it's saturday. night.
if you came here looking for a new post, i apologize.
i'm putting a new print up on etsy,
but thought it would be fun to offer the print to the readers for free.
thanks for reading and following!

double/right click. save to computer. that's it!

hope your weekend has been fabulous.
love. love.

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