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Sunday, February 19, 2012

the five minute headband

i have been wanting to make a simple decorative headband for quite some time now.
i keep having a felt bow image in my head.
the above picture isn't quite how i had imagined it, but i actually really love how it turned out.
i am thinking i will be making a few more of these!
it seriously took five minutes to make, 
if that!

here's the tutorial:

you will need:
a glue gun
a stretchy headband
a long felt piece with a triangle cut from each end
a short piece of felt

fold the long piece together matching up the ends
(it may be easier to cut the ends at this step instead of before so the ends match)

put hot glue on the inside of the fold where the arrow points below

when you unfold it, it should look like this.
stuck together by the glue on the inside.

put the felt piece on a flat surface.
add hot glue to secure the loose edges.

it should look like this:

take the short piece of felt. 
wrap it around the center of the piece you have completed.
it will resemble a bow.
secure the piece in place with hot glue.

secure the piece to your headband with hot glue.
i cut my headband apart to make it a little larger.
you do not need to cut your headband!

cover your gluey mess with an extra piece of felt.

and that's it!
(yes... i added an extra skinny piece around the center to give it a little pizazz)


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