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Thursday, November 3, 2011

lights love

this is lights.
i love her style.
skinnies. simple. jacket.
last night she wore a royal blue raccoon shirt. 
it was great.


She’s my inspiration , my motivation . She’s what gets me into music . She is Valerie Poxleitner . She is LIGHTS 

*edited by DTV ;)

we went to a lights concert last night.
lights got stuck in denver..
long story short (well i don't actually know the story. hehe.)
she came to SLC on a last minute flight with herself and her guitar.
that's it.
lights acoustic! sooo awesome.
she is WAY better live than i would have imagined. 
i was so impressed.
if you don't know who she is, 
go check her out!

because of last nights inspiration, 
here is a lights printable:

double/right click and save as
then PRINT!

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