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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{m+l} our names in a tree

we went camping over labor day weekend
and i got a BUNCH of wood from a construction site for FREE!! yaay! 
i was so excited. i will be showing you little ways i used up this wood.
at random times, in random posts.

here's #1
on a little block of wood.

my hubby & i met in high school.
we carved our names in a tree one time 
at a park in layton, ut.
with a key.
we went back to check it out a couple times.
who knows if it is still there. that was 5-6 years ago. (ish).
anywho. i have seen wood burning & drawings of tree carvings.
and i love them. 
since i actually did this, i wanted to re-create it.
but a little more save-able and not on a random tree in a park.

i originally started this post as a tutorial.
this is how far i got:

pencil it:                                        x-acto it:       

carve it:                                       ink it:

AND then....
i just started carving, painting, inking, painting, sanding
in different orders til i got something i liked.
so i stopped the tutorial.
and i ended up with this:

i love it! & my hubby does too.


i entered this project in @ crafting with the stars!

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