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Monday, September 12, 2011

clothespin wreath & remembering 9.11

about a month ago i guest posted over at mine for the making.
kara, the mastermind behind mine for the making, 
so graciously invited me, because i was so busy doing the abc's of hair,
i was never able to post about it on here!
check out the tutorial for this vintage clothespin wreath by clicking here.

kara is one of the nicest people i have met here in this HUGE blog world.
she always comments on my stuff, 
she posted about flashback fridays on her facebook page!
she helps me feel confident in blogging.
like i'm actually being successful! ha.
so go check out her blog if you haven't already.
thank you so much kara.


on a much different note, 
it is crazy to me that i lived during such a horrific event in US history.
it is an event that my children will learn about in school.
and i will be able to tell them where i was, 
what i was doing, 
how i felt.

this week especially, 
i hope we can remember the incredible heroes 
who gave their lives for our country.
for their children, family, friends, neighbors 
who were heroes as well.

my we all stand united in this beautiful country.
in honor, i made a 9.11 printable.
enjoy :)


  1. LOVE!!! The wreath is darling and I love the printable!

  2. You are so so sweet lauryn! You totally made my day :)

    I absolutely love your printable! It's gorgeous. I am pinning it!

  3. Love it! So cute. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Beautiful wreath, Lauryn! Thanks for linking up again.

  5. so cute...def have to make this! Thanks for sharing! Tweeting too! POP ART MINIS

  6. LOOOVE the wreath! I need some stuff to fill up my school apartment for fall and this is SUCH a great idea! I will DEFINITELY let you know how it works out :) THANK YOU!

  7. I know that I already commented, but I love this idea so much! I would love for you to share it on my link party this Friday at cookienut.blogspot.com

  8. What a lovely post and a beautiful wreath. I am currently redoing my laundry room... PIN! Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday and I hope you will come back and party again!


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