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Friday, August 5, 2011

"e" is for egg whites and "f" is for feathers

letter E is so boring..
no fun pictures, 
no fun tutorials, 
but one INCREDIBLE tip.

because it is so short, i am also adding letter F to todays letter.
so you get two letters!

in place of mousse, whip up some egg whites in an electric blender until they are nice and fluffy.
i like to wake up in the morning, go get my egg whites started, shower, get dressed, and do my makeup..by time i am finished, so is my homemade mousse!
to use:
apply in wet hair and scrunch. 
spritz some hair spray and either diffuse your hair or let it air dry.
you should end up with some great crunchy curls, even if your hair isn't naturally curly!
and if you have some straight pieces, go through and curl with a curling iron.

we love feathers, and know how popular they are lately.
i love these pics of some feather ideas... and not as boring as the regular feather extension.

now we are going to do a feather extension tutorial...
that is not permanent, but stays in all day!
and it comes off & on in a cinch

i got the idea from urban outfitters from this link and this one
they each cost around $20! 

so here's how we are going to do it for cheap!
i decided to do the clip in one, but the headband one looks pretty simple too.
(look at the urban links ^^)

sorry about the bad lighting in these pictures.
i did it at midnight when my hubby was designing stuff for his clothing line.

a pack of feathers -to do it the simple way, your feathers need to have a metal loop on top
(see picture below).  pack of three for $3.99 at JoAnn's.
fishing line or wire- i used fishing line, but wire would have worked great too-if not better. if you use wire it will need to be fairly thin and flexible wire.

small beads-i got these beaded strands from a belt at the thrift store, so i didn't end up actually stringing my beads onto my wire/fishing line. but i am going to explain the tutorial as if my beads weren't already strung.

a hair clip -i already had clips i used. i ended up using an extension clip. you can get these at sally beauty for pretty cheap. this ended up working really good because it had holes in it. it will also stay put in my hair without sliding. if you used another clip, you could tie your wire/fishing line and hot glue it for security.

wire tools- to clamp feathers down and adjust wiring (if you choose to use wire)

clear fingernail polish (not pictured)-to seal off tied ends if you use fishing line.

total cost for this project was $3.99 because i had everything else lying around!

step one: take your fishing line or wire and measure to the length of your hair (or how long you want your extension), add 4-5 inches for finishing the ends, and cut.
step two: string on your first feather onto the end. use your wire tools to clasp down the metal loop (be careful not to get it too tight or either your line will cut or your metal will become brittle and break). keep about two inches on one side and hold. string the other side of the feather (the long side) with beads. leave about 2-3 inches beadless at the top. you will have to hold your project pretty strategically so you don't lose beads. i did that a couple times.
 shooty doot doot!

step three: attach the wire or fishing line to the clip on the open beaded side. you can use all the extra line you have for this part. you will not need it anymore. if you are using wire, loop it through/around and twist the ends. if you are using fishing line, loop through/around and tie a couple knots extra tight. then add a drop of fingernail polish to secure.

step four: take your short end of extra line and pull it back up through the beads- as far as it will go

step five: attach another feather onto the section you just pulled up and clamp down so it is tight. place the feather where you want it on the extension-not where the wire ends.
step six: if you can tell i still have some extra line. push that back down again through the beads to add extra security.
step seven: add your last feather where you want it-pretty simple step. all you need to do is clasp the metal loop on top so it is tight.
step eight: secure each feather and open line ends with fingernail polish. let it dry.

and you're done!

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don't make me do that!

thanks for joining in today!


  1. Hey! I just saw a blog feature you and hopped over, and I LOVE IT. You have awesome taste! I added us as your newest followers!

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  2. I really love the feather trend right now! Thank you so much for linking up and partying at Home Savvy A to Z this week!

  3. I like that. Will try to make one for myself :)

    We have a link-up party going on - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you'd link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.


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