Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Morning/Night Routine Charts Boy and Girl

I love my little toddler, 
but for the longest time we were really struggling to get him ready for bed at night.
He would fight us to clean his room, fight us to get in pajamas, and especially fight us to brush his teeth. 
I was getting super bugged by it so I decided to make a checklist chart for him.
I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 
He got so excited to do check each item off before bed. It made a big difference for us.

After the novelty wore off a little bit so he doesn't do it every day, but if I am ever struggling to get him to get ready for bed he goes to his chart and it works like a charm. 

I decided to make one for the morning as well. Our mornings aren't so difficult especially since we don't leave the house bright and early. But if we have a problem he gets super excited to check off his chart. 

Since it worked out so nicely for me I decided to share the graphic. 
I also made some girly versions as well.
You may not have the same morning or night routine, but if you do... 
then take advantage of this freebie!

Just right click and save the image.
I laminated ours and tacked them in our little one's room. 
He checks them off with a dry erase marker,
but you do what works for you.

Happy Parenting everyone!

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