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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nursery Decor Checklist

I shared this post a bit ago on Positively Oakes 
and thought I'd share it again on here.

I put my little guy's nursery together when I was about 6 months pregnant.
It turned out perfect in my eyes.
then we moved, and upon moving into an apartment with new space and white walls, 
I have since discovered items my baby just absolutely NEEDS in his space.
(Yes ladies, you can tell your husbands these things are needs.)

If you have not yet begun creating a fabulous space for your little,
it is true, 
you do need things like linens, a cute throw blanket, curtains, a fancy rug, framed pics, etc. 
So I suppose you can start there. 

But this is the FUN part!

Here are the absolute (wink, wink)
N E C C E S S E T I E S 
for decor in a nursery or kids room...

Cloud shaped, heart shaped, star shaped, animal shaped, whatever! Add some spunk with layering of shaped pillows on the rocking chair! I love this hello pillow from laura frisk.

two ::: CUSTOM ART
Custom artwork is really just special. It makes the little ones feel AMAZING to see their name actually printed on something in a frame! Check out the customizable girl from almost noelle (boys available too!)

No need to give up the tribal trend yet, throw in a dream catcher in the baby's room to catch their attention & add some fancy decor! It will be fun to talk to them about what dream catchers do when they get older. This modern raincloud dream catcher from golden bee shop is the bomb. Or make your own!

four ::: A TEEPEE
Is this not the childhood dream!? This is the perfect little play area, and it folds right up for easy storing! I might have to invest in this feather teepee from tnees tpees for my babe's first birthday.

five ::: AMIGURUMI (aka crocheted plushies)
I bet you didn't know these cute animals had a fancy name! Now you have to get one, or three, or seven. I love mister sweater rabbit from rosieok and this shop is stocked with many more cute animals!

six ::: WALL (or door) DECALS
I love the triangle or polka dot decals that can go right on the wall for a minimalist look. Upon searching for them I found haru the happy bear door decal from made of sundays. The options for vinyl cutouts in a kiddo's room are endless!

I can't seem to get over my obsession of wool ball felt garland. I have a black, white, and gray garland headed my way for my little guy's room, but think I should probably just invest in a garland for each room-or wall. (am I right!?) There are so many beautiful garlands that can be created. I love the coral nursery garland from sheep farm felt. Plus, this shop has some fab color combinations!

You need them all, right? 
And bonus, all of these come from great handmade shops so there are many more options
for colors, shapes, and sizes available! And bonus bonus, usually handmade shops customize so really, you can create the absolute perfect room for your little loved one.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Shabby Apple Contest!

Just in the knick of time 
I caught the Shabby Apple Dare to Design Contest 
again this year.

I had so much fun doing it last year.
You can see my post here featuring the three designs I submitted.
I couldn't wait to enter this year.
The only requirements were that that designs be blue!

I pulled my inspiration from Disney Princesses to create three modern looks:

This one is Alice in Wonderland...

This is Cinderella...

And lastly we have Merida.

Coolest part, 
if your design gets chosen your dress gets to be made and sold by Shabby Apple. 

Go check out all the other entrants on instagram 
searching with the hashtag #daretodesign.
Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby!

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