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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Let Them Know Movement

In light of the holiday season 
and recent events bringing people together around me,
 I've had the opportunity to reflect and recognize the greatness in people. 

I think a lot of times in this big scary world it is easy to see how many 
wicked, bitter, mean, and confused people there are out there. 
But do we take as much time to count 
the selfless, genuine, friendly, and truly amazing people there are in this world?

I want to recognize the positive and praise the kindness.
So I've decided I don't want to sit back and think to myself how awesome these people are, 
I want to #letthemknow!!! 

People everywhere are incredible. 

There is the sweetest lady at the Sephora where I live. 
Every time I see her she is extremely kind and genuine. 
She helped me remember that everyone is beautiful in their own special way 
when I brought my sisters and she raved about their natural beauty 
that I've just become accustomed to. 
I'm going to let her know! 

A darling teenager at my favorite drink shop exudes light. 
She is happy and friendly. 
Always giggling and smiling. 
I'm going to let her know

The mother of one of my dancer students who waits for me to lock up every night, the nursery leader in my church who has taken care of the littles for 2 years, a beautiful woman I used to teach kindergarten with.... My list goes on and on and I am going to #letthemknow

Now if you notice... I've said "going to". 
I haven't done this yet. I'm going to be doing it with you! 
We will #letthemknow together. 
Trust me. It's going to seem weird and awkward. 
People really don't accept praise well. 
Shouldn't we change that? Shouldn't we be willing to accept our flaws AND our strengths? 
Yes. This will take time. But I'm done making excuses.
There is greatness in this world that needs to be remembered.

So here's what we are going to do... 
I've created a #letthemknow stationary. 
There are two templates. Square and letter. 
You can:

A. Download the square template 
and with a photo editing app add text to share via Instagram, FB, text, etc.

B. Download the letter template 
for you computer savvy peeps and type text in Photoshop or word and share via email or print. 

C. Print out either template 
and hand write your message to hand deliver or mail. :)

Just right click to save the images. 

If you have problems with the download feel free to contact me and I will email you the templates!

You can let ANYONE know. A grandma, spouse, the mailman, teachers, grocery store clerks, your child, a neighbor, ANYONE! 

If you feel so inclined, I would love to see if you have participated. 
Write about your experience with #letthemknow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
using the #letthemknow hashtag. 
Feel free to tag my blog account @lovenotesbylauryn or my etsy account @almostnoelle. 
Even if you don't use my templates and just use a sticky note or tell someone in person, 
I want to hear about it!
Can't wait to see how it goes for everyone! 

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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