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Friday, October 2, 2015

At Home Manicure Essentials

I am one of those people who truly believes manicures are necessary.
Call me a princess, but I hate when my cuticles get nasty and my nail beds need filed.
So I regularly get a manicure...from myself. ;) 
Super easy, as long as I use these tools. 
Here's the step-by-step process I use. 
Done in 15 minutes or less. Oh yeah, baby.

Prep your cuticles.
Use any cream or oil to soften up your cuticles. 
I like OPI Avoplex.

Push cuticles back with orange sticks.
You can pick them up at basically any drug or super store.
Or buy them on Amazon here.

File File File.
With a course file (I use the Trim brand), file your whole nail
including the cuticles and the sides to grab any hang nails.
Continuing use of the course file, shape the nail how you want.
Once you've done that, use the 7-way buffer/file on each nail.
I also use the Trim brand for my buffer. 
There are 7 parts on the buffer, you just follow the order on there..and it finishes with a shine!

Use a cuticle trimmer.
Be careful not to over cut your cuticles. You don't want any bloody fingers!
Just make sure you get the excess.

Wash & Scrub.
Using a sugar scrub of some sort, wash your hands in warm water for about a minute.
I LOVE Bath & Body Works' Just A Minute Scrub.

Trust me, your freshly exfoliated fingers will be so happy to be moisturized.
It's best to use a hand cream...
I love the Look Ma New Hands also from B&BW.

Base Coat/Color/Top Coat
Use a towel to remove the lotion oil from your nails.
Use a base coat, a color if you want, and finish with a top coat.
My favorite base coat is Revlon Colorstay Base Coat
 & my favorite top coat is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.

Now enjoy your beautiful, soft, fresh hands!

♥ ♥ ♥
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