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Monday, June 15, 2015

14 mom hacks you gotta know

There are some AMAZING parent hacks out there. Trust me. 
I love these two on Buzz Feed: 
There's some tricky hacks here so check them out if you haven't already. 
H O W E V E R....
I can honestly tell you that after searching right and left for parent hacks I have NEVER seen these ones...and that's not even a ploy to get you to read this. These are just tried and true tips that I have learned from friends, cousins, parents, and grandparents...or my brain. hehe.

o n e//
Put vanilla extract on a rag or piece of paper towel to ease toothache pain.
My dad did this one for us when we were elementary kids. It definitely helped achy teeth!

t w o//
Use two tension rods for the shower. One rod for a transparent shower liner and one rod for the shower curtain itself. That way, you can just close the liner when you shower to keep an eye on the babe/s.

t h r e e//
Let your baby chew on a frozen waffle (eggo) to help with teething pain. 
(Make sure your baby can handle mashing food with his/her jaw. When the baby chews on the waffle enough it will thaw and the baby can bite off little pieces.....learned that the hard way folks.)

f o u r//
Freeze baby food in ice trays and put a straw/popsicle stick/or spoon in each to use as baby food "popsicles".

It makes for happy teething babes and helps the baby "self feed" baby food without dripping sweet potatoes.

f i v e//
Get a long carrot, peel it and use for teething babies.

(Make sure it is LONG so the whole thing can't end up in their mouth!) 

s i x//
Use a hanging shoe holder to store diapers in the baby's closet.

They are the perfect width and utilize vertical storage!

s e v e n//
You probably know the whipped up egg-whites to use as hair mousse trick, but did you know that beat up egg whites can help ease the pain of burns? Fancy, eh?

e i g h t//
Use a baby's crib as a ball pit! 
Got this one from our nanny...walked in and she had poured the whole thing of balls in our baby's crib and he was LOVING it. 
Thanks abber-doodle.

n i n e//
Instead of buying expensive "toddler" meals like ravioli and mac & cheese, get a can of chunky chicken noodle/veggie soup, drain the liquid, and put on the high chair for baby to easily pick up small pieces. Or there's always spaghettios!

t e n//
Keep cupboards shut with a rubber band or a hair band.

 Easy fix, especially for apartments. Also super easy to take on and off!

e l e v e n//
Track baby milestones the simple way....take pictures on your smartphone.
You don't have to write down EVERY milestone exactly WHEN it happens. Just snap a picture on your phone when baby reaches a milestone and write it down later when you have time. The date should be in your phone when you go back!

t w e l v e//
Keep a bin of toys in the front/living room.

Get a cute decorative bin. You can hide them in the corner, under the coffee table, behind the couch. That way, when you are all in the "hang out" zone there are some go-to toys for the kiddo to play with while you keep an eye on him/her. Bonus tip... switch out the toys every few weeks to keep baby happy!

t h i r t e e n//
Put your baby in the sink when you are getting ready.

Yes. This seems fairly dangerous. I know. But it seriously helps with getting ready time! Especially for a needy baby! When your babe is more immobile, you can put a towel in so the baby can lay there comfortably. When your babe is more mobile, give him/her a few brushes or toys to play with. Just refrain from using your curling iron or other hot tools while baby is there... and most importantly...keep an eye on your baby.

f o u r t e e n//
Keep wipes in a cupboard by the highchair.

We keep a thing of wipes next to our plates. When the little guy is all done with eating, I quickly wipe off his face and hands then wipe off the tray. Fast, easy cleanup right there!

I totally intend to add to this list as I become a parent to older kids, more kids. But for now, this is my list. If you have any secret parent hacks I HAVE to know them. So comment, message, instagram, tweet, facebook....whatever your tips!


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