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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my mommy bucket list

I know I have been completely m. i. a. from this blog.
But being a mommy will A L W A Y S come first.
But having my little guy, I think of things I'd like to do as a mom,
so I have started to keep a little "Mommy Bucket List".
I know I will continually have more to add to it, but as of now,
these are things I'd like to remember to do as a momma now or in the future.

1. Have one UNPLUGGED day a week. 
No computer, no TV, no cell phone, no iPad, etc. 

Like going to museums, amusement parks, road trips, etc.

Such as backyard scavenger hunts, tea parties, backyard campouts, etc.

Involve the kids in household chores, let them "earn" big ticket items they absolutely. just. need. 

5.Visit Daddy at work for lunch once a month.

6. Let the kids have individual dates with one parent or the other.
Time where they get ALL of the attention.

Anyone else have a mommy bucket list?
Anything I just NEED to add?

Happy Monday!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, March 27, 2015

BABY STYLE// daddy's little fisherman

We got these matching daddy-son t-shirts from The Medium Control.
Daddy is a HUGE fly-fisherman so this is kind of a big deal. :)
Unfortunately daddy is not pictured, but the little boy looks DARLING in his!

I styled the shirt with a flannel shirt on top and some (girl) shorts from Target.

aren't these the most perfect eyes!!?

loving his baby lit huckleberry finn book.

flannel shirt//carter's

please mom. no more pictures.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

baby batman

I got this amazing little batman shirt from H&M and could not wait to style it!
Here is my handsome boy sporting his superman gear.
NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA.....
B A T M A N !

the cutest pictures always end up blurry with this kid.
the back of this shirt is the BEST part!

hat//custom order via golden coast baby

And since it is hard to see everything super amazing on the wiggly man, 
I created a flat lay of the outfit on polyvore.
My sweet bestie is the owner of Golden Coast Baby and is sick with pregnancy so I included a different hat option...

baby batman

Stay S U P E R.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ZNU Cuffed Blazer

Recently I was able to collaborate with the great clothing company ZNU.
They have some dang darling stuff, but I had to get this blazer.
I just happened to have a flowing tank to match the cuffs on this blazer perfectly.
I love how it all came together!

This gold bling totally made the outfit pop.
I scored the gold chain from H&M for $1! 
I was a happy happy girl.
And the beautiful delicate gold necklace is from the darling Etsy shop 
I won it in a giveaway... I was pretty stoked.

chain necklace//h&m
flowing tank//target
cheetah pumps//michael kors via vinted

I'm super excited about this blazer. 
Can't wait to try it out with other pieces in my closet.
Have a lovely evening everyone!

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