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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First Baby Style Post

A little while ago I did some design work for the cutest little baby shop Golden Coast Baby.
My best friend runs the shop and sells the cutest baby leggings I have ever seen.
The fabric is organic and the patterns are to die for. 
Plus she will be adding some bandana bibs to the shop soon!

We traded design work for some leggings. 
She has made me a couple of pairs and I. LOVE. THEM.
But I finally got to taking pictures of my little guy in this pair. 
I never knew that styling a baby boy could be so much fun!

I know this photo is a little blurry, but these beautiful blue eyes just kill me!

These darling Jordans are a hand me down that baby boy's UNCLE wore when he was a little tyke!

hat//walmart score (97 cents!)
bandana bib//h&m
shirt//ralph lauren
leggings//golden coast baby
shoes//air jordan hand-me-downs

I love my sweet little teeny. 
Happy day everyone!

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  1. what an adorable baby you have :) he's starting to look more like you!


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