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Saturday, November 15, 2014

black, white, and gray nursery

I've been pretty excited to share this post with you all.
My little guy is almost 5 months old now. 
They really do grow so fast!
While I was pregnant we got his nursery all set for his arrival.
I was totally set on doing a woodland theme with an orange brown and mint then had a complete change of heart and thought a black and white nursery would be awesome!
I had my ideas drawn out on a piece of paper and made it come to life.

I wanted this room to be absolutely perfect. 
I had my sights set out for very specific details.
The crib and changing table were ordered from Downeast. I wanted to keep the colors neutral, yet add a little contrast to the black and white.  

A good majority of my shopping came from the beloved Target! Baby's sheets, gray blanket, banner, and diaper box were all found at that gem of a store.

I designed all of the prints in the room. A few of them as well as other fun prints can be downloaded instantly at my shop Never Navie.

This awesome mobile was not originally installed in the little guy's room. However, when he began to be more interested in pictures, objects, etc. We thought it would be a fun addition...and it SO has been! He loves it! The wee gallery art cards are the pictures clipped in the mobile. They come in a themed box of animals and they have been a fabulous investment.

and of course some babylit books for our book loving boy.

My favorite part about the entire nursery is the chalkboard wall. It has definitely been more of a thrill for me than for the babe. :) My mom sewed the pillow for me and I painted the canvases. Baby loves the black, white, and gray canvases. He giggles and coos at them when he is supposed to be feeding or sleeping. Such distractions!

I had so much fun putting this nursery together. The black and white is so much fun for the baby and I am so glad we chose it! I can put the teeny one in his crib and he just laughs and giggles at the banner and pictures. Way too much fun!
Happy Saturday!

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