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Friday, November 16, 2012

vintage circus wedding: photos

hello all my blog friends!
oh how i miss this place :)
i would love to start writing again, but i have been overwhelmingly busy.
BUT i did want to share a little news, 
for those of you who were following before, you likely saw some wedding prep for little sissy.
i stopped writing right in the middle of wedding prep so i didn't put everything i did up.
if you would like to see how things turned out, 
the pictures are posted on the ashlee hair photography site.
**UPDATE** super embarrassing.. i somehow added a link to one of my homework sites. 
(hope my homework link wasn't the pictures!)
the link is now fixed. thank you for letting me know miamihoney go check out the pictures!
here's a sneaky peek.
you have to scroll down to see pictures from the reception.
ashlee says there are a lot, so i may try to get some up here if i have time.
much love, miss you!
{love} lauryn
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