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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

salmon thrifted skirt

& hope you all had an AMAZING 4th.
we got our own private fireworks show on our roof here at home.
so much fun. 

a couple weeks ago i was at a thrift store and scored this awesome skirt.
still with the tag... and it was probably from about the 80's-90's ish.. SO COOL!
i don't know how i turned into a thrift shopper. 
i used to be totally freaked out about it.. and somehow it snuck up on me.
hey, this skirt cost me $6.
i can handle that.

but what i love about it is the fact that it is long enough to cover my long legs.
i have such a hard time with skirts because they are always a titch too short.
and this skirt was great!

shirt: american eagle (years ago)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: ross
bow necklace: disney
turquoise necklace: thrifted from montana

is it just me or does it feel like the weekend already?
happy day!


  1. Great outfit! I'm glad that you've jumped on the thrifting bandwagon :)

  2. I am absolutely in love with this outfit - you look stunning in it!

    stop by and say hi sometime!

  3. That skirt looks so so cute on you! Loving this look! Xo


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