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Sunday, July 15, 2012

create a free font using your own handwriting

hope everyone had a great weekend!
hubby & i went camping with our fam.
too fun, too short.
today's post is all about something you will ALL have to try:

i have been wanting to do this for so long.
i have seen it around a couple places, but i decided to finally get around to it.

it's so easy.
just go to myscriptfont.com
fill out the template & scan it it.
(i used a tablet so just did all of the writing digitally)

and you get this!
one hundred percent free
one hundred percent easy.

have a wonderful monday!
{love} lauryn


  1. aaahhhh I'm doing this today, yes yes I am!


  2. Man, I wish I had a tablet to do this with or a scanner!! I would be SO addicted!! :)

  3. So neat! I totally love this. Thank you for telling us all about it. Gonna try asap.

  4. Awesome!! Have been looking for something like this for my writing for ages!! Thank you for sharing this:D Um- How did you do it on the graphics tab?

  5. So awesome. I'm all over this. Thanks!!

  6. I love this! I'm so going to try this, on my blog or on edited photos...

  7. I just found this from The Things We Would Blog, and I'm so excited to try it out! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love this!! cant wait to try it! (even though I dont really like my handwriting ha- still cool!)

  9. Thanks for this awesome tip! I gave it a go, which was so much fun, and applied it to some DIY Clothing Labels I created - - linked to you site on my blog! http://thethinkingcloset.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/craft-mash-up-diy-clothing-labels-with-personalized-font/

  10. Aw this is fab! Haven't got a scanner so want to do it digitally....but how do I get it to open in illustrator so I can do it on my tablet????
    Please help cos I love it!
    Thanks xxx


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{love} lauryn

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