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Monday, July 30, 2012

black aztec shirt, red lips, & glasses

today's post will be brief. 
i am in CALIFORNIA!!
we are headed to the beach & disneyland.
here is an outfit post featuring some stunning new pieces i am now the owner of!

this crazy awesome lipstick is part of my revlon expressions experiment kit.
seriously the best lipstick ever. it goes on so smooth & fancy!
i am wearing no other makeup aside from the lipstick.
i was way impressed how it glamoured me up super quick.

i also LOVE the cutouts of this sugarlips shirt.. aztec-y coolness.

and yes, i am awkwardly looking up to the sky in this picture, 
BUT i wanted to include it because this shirt has some really cool small details.
check out the sheer insert in both sides.
i love little stuff like this in clothing.

pants: pac sun
necklace & shoes: american eagle
belt: gift from my momma

i have some fun disney posts scheduled for this week, 
so come back tomorrow!

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  1. You look so cute! Love the lipstick & I can't wait to see the Disney photos!!



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