Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i love you because printable

i have been seeing a lot of 
"i love you because..." prints around:

kiki creates
...and spiritually speaking

i love the idea.
for those of you who have not seen these beauties roaming around,
the idea is you put the "i love you because..." print in a frame
and use a dry erase marker to continually change your message.
isn't that so sweet!

the second i saw this, i was pretty anxious to make one for myself.
when i was messing with the design,
i came up with two completely different looks, but liked them both!
so today i am sharing the two "i love you because..." prints for FREE download!
it is not required, but if you do use this printable, please spread the love.
pin it, tweet it, like it...
and best of all,
become a follower of the blog if you are not already.

to download the file right or double click on the images below & click save as

muted nautical:

stripes and roses:

please let me know if you have any troubles with the download
& i will happily email you the printable of your choice.

thanks so much, have a lovely day...
and don't forget to tell your loved ones WHY you love them!!


  1. I been writing I love you b/c on my hubby's napkin each day for lunch. We all love to hear it.

  2. o this is fantastic ... thank you! :)


  3. Love this idea!! And everyone loves free printables! Thanks so much for sharing your work at my Throwback Thursday party and I hope to see you again soon! And you're so right about the old idea thing, I'm opening it up to new ones too :)


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