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Monday, May 21, 2012

21 free social media icon sets

if you haven't noticed, 
i changed my blog design (again)
i really love doing it, and i learn SO much more each time i re-design a blog.

so over the next couple of days
 i thought it would be fun to share some blog design/layout/coding tips, awesome resources, etc.
here is todays:

i was looking to design some social media icons, 
but honestly i found SOO many FREE social media icon sets already out there that i figured
why re-invent the wheel?
so today's blog tip is a list of TONS of social media icon sets.
MOST of them include pinterest (finally!)
and A LOT of them include google + and instagram!
so browse around and spread some social media love!
if you use the sets, 
please be sure to let the designer know...
designers love to see their work in action, even if (and especially) if it was a freebie!

number 1:

number 2:

number 3:

number 4:
Subtle Grunge Minimal Vector Iconset

number 5:
Free hand embroidered social icon set by Pathtoodd.com

number 6:

number 7:
WP7 Icons in 40 New and Free Icon Sets

number 8:

number 9:
Freebies: Black & White Minimal Social Icons Pack

numbers 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14:

number 15:

number 16:
Vintage Social Media Stamps: Icon Pack

number 17:

number 18:
number 19:

number 20:

number 21:

the above set is the one i used for my design.
i love the simplicity and the amount of icons!!
so great.
thank you for all you wonderful people who share your talents with us virtually!

hope you all have an excellent day!
{love} lauryn 

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