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Friday, April 20, 2012

spread the love #7+downeast review & giveaway

ok..i am waay excited about today's giveaway.
i LOVE downeast basics.
if you don't know already,
downeast basics is a modern clothing company that sells modest clothing.
their clothing is really just super darling & affordable too.
ultimate shopping.
we have a downeast store here in our mall, i always gaze as i walk by thinking...oh i want, i want!
they have a huge range of items.
super classy and fancy dresses, sweet little ruffly shirts, casual denim, super chic swimsuits and MORE.
so it's clear that i just love this place, right?
i recently received an email from them asking if i would be interested in reviewing one of their items.
of course i was interested!!!
check out this AMAZING dress i picked:

i have to say.
i was WAY more than pleased.
 i am always a little skeptical about getting something off of the internet,
ya never know if it will fit.
but it fit PERFECTLY!!

see, problem is, i am mrs. longlegs over here.
regardless of where i shop, i cannot cannot find mid length dresses that are long enough
(unless it's a maxi) because i don't care to wear dresses that go above the knee.
i will often times buy a dress and it works perfect,
but shrinks in the wash and automatically goes to the sissy.
(miss shortlegs! ha)
needless to say i was SO happy when i put this dress on and it fit me beautifully.
and was LONG ENOUGH!! what?! oh yes. fabulous.
it is super comfy and cozy
way light and perfect for the summer
it has sleeves too.
i'm all about modesty. it's so nice to have just one layer that works wonders!

i'm excited to play around with the dress a little more,
i added a belt for this picture, but can't wait to try new things:
different colored tights, a cardi, a long cardi+a belt, oh the things you can do!
thank you downeast for the incredible dress!

so now it is your turn!!
downeast basics has so graciously offered to giveaway an item of your choice
from the new april line swimsuits included!
if it’s a swim suit, a swim top and swim bottom would count as one set
sweet, huh! AND...
 there isn’t a price limit so long as the prize is limited to one item.
who will be the lucky winner??

here's how you can enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
now, onto the partay!
spread the love is a weekend wrap up party.
share with us ANYTHING you have been 
working on, crushing on, making, baking etc. this week.
this party has NO RULES.
rules are too hard for me.
if you want to link up a URL, feel free!

i would REALLY REALLY love it if you follow my blog in some manner.
check out ways to follow in the sidebar.
if you like the party, add a button or a link somewhere to your blog!
not required, just nice to do...help spread the love!

love notes by lauryn

the party will last from friday morning to monday morning each week.
now, have fun and have a great weekend!

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