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Friday, July 29, 2011

ABC's of hair is coming MONDAY!!

ok so it is almost here... abc's of hair!! 
each letter of the alphabet is going to have awesome hair advice, tip, trick, tutorial, style, products, and more, more, more!
i am seriously ecstatic. 
letter "A" is starting on monday. do not forget to stop by!
it's going to be killa.
i've been doing stuff for it all day :)
how can we have an event like this without a GIVEAWAY or two!!

if you become a follower and like love notes on facebook during letters a-h
you will be entered to win _______  (it's a secret shh... i'll announce it on monday!)

if you become a follower and like love notes on facebook during letters i-p 
you will also be entered in a giveaway (announced on letter "I")

if you become a follower and like love notes on facebook during letters q-z 
again you will be entered in the giveaway (announced on letter "Q")

so three giveaways. they will be awesome prizes. I PROMISE!
if you already like me on facebook and are following, HOORAY! you are already entered!


vinyl calendar

i had this plan to get a vinyl calendar for a very long time for my little frame.
i could never find one i absolutely loved. plus they were all PRICEY!!
so i picked up a 12 x 12 sheet of vinyl at the local craft store and went to work.
all i did was divide the glass (i marked with dry erase so it wasn't permanent) into squares
then cut the vinyl sheet into strips. thankfully the back was gridded so it was simple to cut straight.
i wrote the days and month with a permanent marker.
to make the glass stay inside the frame i glued the edges with E600 glue, 
then added a few staples around the edges. worked pretty well!
very easy, and very fun.
turned out pretty fun. even the hubby liked it! SCORE!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

old school desk makeover

my dad had this wonderful desk in his garage..

i said "papi, i want this." 
and got it. hehe.
so i did some sprucing up with spray paint...
the end result:

it was pretty fun to take this little thing apart.
pencils, paperclips, needles, and paper were inside the bases.
and of course i found some nasty million year old gum under the top.
but i just kept imagining little kiddies sitting in this thing back in the day.
maybe they got the dunce cap for eating gum in class :)

i like how it turned out, except i am not loving the 'love'...
i did that very last, and was getting carried away
can't art be like getting dressed? 
once you are all done you take off the last accessory! 
shucks.. what's done is done

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my version of a fruit bowl-tutorial

you have likely seen a version of this out there lately.
it seems to be a very popular trend.
here is what i used, and how i did it.

*make sure the pans you are using have a flat lip on top. 
that way when the spray paint sneaks under, you will be able to easily fix the mess.*
 ^^^read on. that will make sense soon. :)

turn the pans so they are facing down.
spray paint the whole outer side of the pan. 
(can i just say spray painting in idaho with no garage stinks. cause of this darn wind!)
let the spray paint dry. you may want to add a finish on top.
after the spray paint is dry, the lip of your pan (when you turned it over the small edge it laid flat on)
will likely be a little messy. 
take another color of paint (i chose black as it is a dark color and would cover up spray paint leftovers) 
acrylic or any household paint, and paint the lip this color. 
it is easiest to use a small sponge brush and just wipe along the outer edge. 
because of the shape of my pan, it was very easy to paint the edges with no mess. 
i imagine any pan with a lip will be the same.
let all the paint dry completely.
use E600 glue to glue the candlesticks to the pan.
do this with one candlestick/one pan and let the glue dry THEN do it again.
make sure the candlesticks are pressed down completely.
you might have to hold them there for a second to ensure their place.
{super simple and super cute.}

Monday, July 25, 2011

painted rug

i got this awesome rug at target for $4.75
but, i did want it to look a little more stylish. 
it was plain brown before. i need to get better at taking pics of my before stuff.
i pulled out my acrylic paint and went to work!
to make the dots, i used the tip of a gluestick, dipped it into the paint and pressed onto the rug.
i think it could have turned out a little cuter. but hey, can't erase paint!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

jewelry display

I found myself this little drawer organizer at a local thrift shop awhile back.
I grabbed a couple screws and drawer pulls and got to work.
the backs are covered in fabric & paper. 
I used spray adhesive to get them to stay nice and tight.
instead of painting the wood, i decided to leave it raw and 
weather it up a bit with my brown stamp pad.
i am very pleased with the way it turned out.
and it is an awesome way to store my jewelry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

five minute decor board

finally a tutorial!

sorry for the lack of pictures, but.. this is so easy you don't need any!
all you will need are these {FIVE} materials:

  1. spray adhesive
  2. hot glue
  3. scrapbook page or pages
  4. a styrofoam block
  5. ribbon (the same width as the styrofoam block's edges)
get your styrofoam block:
Smooth Foam Block 2x4x12 1/Pkg-White
any size will work. mine was a long one and i used multiple pieces of paper. 
it would be super cute to get 3 12 x 12 blocks to put them in a row.

spray glue your paper on to your block in any arrangement you like.
if you are doing the 12 by 12 blocks you only need one piece of paper per block and hey...NO CUTTING NEEDED!

grab your ribbon and hot glue one edge of the ribbon to the corner of the styrofoam block. keep adding dots of hot glue as you wrap the ribbon around the edge of the board until covered.

WALA>>> you are done! 
add any embellishments you want with hot glue. i added tulle, jewels, ribbons, and stickers.
go crazy!
easy peasy.

fun braided hair

the kid sis and i had a fun makeover day this week.
i got to do some hair styling which was really fun.
here is her do.

isn't she cute.
have fun braiding!
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