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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Wish List Free Download

With Christmas fast approaching, 
we are getting A LOT of
"ask Santa that" from my two year old.
He is completely convinced that ANYTHING he wants he can just ask Santa for.
Which I love.
Yaay for believing. 
I love his creativity and his mind. 
He sees the simplest thing and is pretty sure he wants it. 
He also see's a full size truck and is pretty sure he wants that too.

I didn't want to put a limit on his imagination and hopes so I created a little poem.
This way he can put as much as he wants on his Christmas list without feeling limited, 
but he will also know that Santa won't get EVERYTHING. 
So on the list I created stars for favorites.

I want my boy to grow up having what he needs, 
but I definitely want to instill gratitude and humility in him.
At the end of the poem, the child tells Santa he knows he is blessed
and that he has a few things he'd like to donate.
The list has space to list toys/books/etc. to donate.

Way to stay organized. ;)

Read the poem and if you like it just right click and save, 
it's FREE and yours to use! (For personal use only.)


Super excited to begin this holiday season!

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