Wednesday, September 7, 2011

his & hers xoxo

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 i made these xoxo letters when we lived in our little apartment in bountiful.
i wanted something to go over the cabinets:

when we moved to idaho, we didn't have this over the counter space
(which is exactly what i created them for!)
so i had to find an alternative.
our wall was looking pretty bare with just the clock, so i decided to use the xo's here.
i hung them with 3M mounting tape.

now you're probably curious as to how these are his & hers.
well, for one XO set i used my hubby's magazines:
TRANSWORLD. he's a big boarding buff. specially snowboarding.

see the boarders?

and for the other XO set, i used my magazines:
VOUGE, ELLE, LUCKY, ya know. the works for girls :)


fashion baby!

{PICTURE COMING HERE SOON, my camera died!}

so here's what i did. easy peasy.
i got the letters at robert's,
ripped magazine pages out that were about the same color
(blues & blacks - tans & whites)
i mod podged the surface of the letters, 
arranged the pages on the letters
(the edges were hanging off like crazy at this point)
let that dry.
used an exacto knife to cut the excess magazine off around the letters
added another layer of mod podge on top of it all
and that was it!
i left the letters wooden, i liked the look of the raw wood.
i sand my edges. i liked the rugged (ish) edges.
but painted & sanded would be darling too.
i have done that with wood & mag pages before.

buh bye!


i love comments! thank you for taking the time to write me a message, and for making me smile. :)
{love} lauryn

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