Tuesday, November 1, 2011

burlap earring display

i have such a darling little sis.
she recently made this burlap beauty to hold her earrings.
she allowed me permission to share it with you:

here's what she used:
a piece of burlap, some jute and wooden dowels.

she painted the dowels black and distressed them with sandpaper.
she cut the burlap and hot glued it on the dowels.
she added the jute to the top dowel by wrapping it around the ends and securing it with hot glue.

turned out SUPER darling.
i'm so proud of my crafty sister.
thanks for letting me share boo.

doesn't she have FABULOUS earrings?
it sure pays off to have such an adorable sissy.
i lover you!


  1. I love it too.


  2. what a creative sister you have! she must be really awesome!

  3. Love this idea!! So creative!! Thanks so much for linking up today!!!

  4. oh my gosh.. a ear ring holder.. What a super impressive idea!!


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