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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Basic Winter Essentials

It's about time for Holiday Parties!
If you need a simple way to look rockin' for the parties, 
you just need to put together some basics:

1-statement skinny jeans
2-nude sweater
3-chandelier earrings
4-fabulous heels
5-bold lips
go for berry or red for the holidays!

basic winter essentials

Here's my simple winter outfit featuring this great shoulder top from ZNU.

The top is SUPER cozy. 
Like for real. I want to bathe in the softness of the fabric.
The awesome thing is, you can pick it up off of Amazon...
which is super convenient!
It does come looking different than the picture. More of a thin fabric than a sweater.
I also suggest you get a size smaller than you usually wear 
(mine was fitting a little too big).

But I mean, 
Perfect winter happiness. :)

top: znu via amazon
skinnies: american eagle
shoes: michael kors via vinted

Enjoy your holiday festivities!
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