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Friday, October 23, 2015

Block Island Organics Facial Cleanser Review

I really like to use a gentle cleanser when I clean my face.
Since I wash my face daily, I hate putting a harsh product on my face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I mean, I want my face cleanser to be.. well...clean.

So I'm happy to say, that testing out this product was a success! 
It ended up being exactly what I wanted in a face cleanser, and more than I could have hoped for!

A representative from Block Island Organics contacted me asking me to review their facial cleanser.
I checked out the website and happily accepted the offer.
Purifying Facial Cleanser - Rich in Antioxidants PFC0001
Here's a little background of Block Island for you:
They are a quality skin care company. 
Their products are made with simple, safe, and fully disclosed ingredients. 
Their company is family owned... Super sweet to work with. ;)

Now here's my experience with the product:
I received my product on a Thursday afternoon. 
I used it on Friday morning, I felt super refreshed and clean. 
Though, throughout the day I noticed my face being a little oily... 
I was feeling bummed out. 
I was really hopeful for this stuff. But I didn't give up (thankfully). 
I used the face wash again on Saturday morning and didn't notice any oily-ness. 
So really, I kinda just thought it was over and was thinking... 
"Oh sweet... I'll be able to write a good review. All done!" 
But I kept using it, I wanted to give it a good week until I gave my final review. 
On Monday, I noticed my skin tone was looking evened out. 
I really have never understood that phrase, until it happened. 
I felt like all my skin was...well for lack of better words... even. 
I was so happy with the result! 

I've been using it for about two weeks now, 
I'm very pleased with it and plan to use their products in the future!
I especially look forward to using their sunscreen.. 
not only safe for me, but for the whole family. 
Including my little one!
Now go check out their stuff!

Have a lovely weekend!
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