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Monday, May 14, 2012

switching shop hosts

hello every one!
i am in the process of switching my etsy shop to storenvy

Visit my store on Storenvy

i was slightly hesitant to switch shops, 
i am not sure about all the logistics of storenvy.
but there seem to be a few benefits of storenvy for my situation.
i'd give you compare & contrasts, but i really don't know much about storenvy yet!

so far i only have a few items listed. more will be on their way soon.
if you are interested in seeing any items from the etsy shop listed soon, 
please let me know! i'd be happy to list items you want in addition to custom orders!
check out the expired listings, as almost all are available.
the etsy shop will be open for a little while longer, 
so purchases can still be made through etsy if you are interested.

if any of you can give me some storenvy tips, i'd love to hear them!
summer school starts today... wish me luck!

have a lovely day all.
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