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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

guest post: hazel loves design

hello friends.
meet hazel (isn't that a beautiful name!)
she's picked out some wonderful bedroom layouts for us.
this post was supposed to go live in march, and somehow got lost amongst the chaos (so sorry dear!)
so show hazel some love and check out her blog!

Hi I am Hazel from 'Hazel Loves Design', I am super excited to be guest posting on 'Love Notes by Lauryn', such an adorable blog amongst a lovely community of followers!

Recently I have been thinking about my bedroom, and how I could do some creative DIY-ing to turn it into a space I love a little more. We only recently moved home from overseas so our bedroom is little more than a place to store clothes and sleep! 

I would love for it to feel and look a lot more luxurious and cosy. So I thought I would share with you some creative ideas I have come across on the internet which will hopefully make my space feel a little bit more like this...

A charming eclectic space
Or this...
Yellow and Grey, just makes my day!

To start with I would need to customise a headboard, and I love this idea, they have used an old farm fence and painted the wording onto it...
DIY Headboard

Here is another creative idea from HGTV, I think it works so well, because the designer was brave enough to use such a bold, intense colour.

Next I would want to customise a bedroom chair for the space, maybe something like the upcycled chair below. You absolutely MUST check out the tutorial HERE, absolutely stunning, and makes me want to attempt my own customised chair..

So with the big items done, it would be time to get down to business with the 'fun' pieces for the room. I've noticed a lot of white feature pieces in spaces I have been admiring lately. So I would want to do a number of these tutorials...
Create your own MILK GLASS
Poetry on a canvas
Doily art to add ambience
So what about you? What great tutorials would you use to DIY your bedroom? And do you have any suggestions for tackling a bedroom DIY?

thanks so much hazel for being a guest on love notes!
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