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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

doodle nails: first attempt

i had this great grand plan in my head with this project.
my great grand plan only lasted so long...
but i still love the idea of this and have hope for potential!
so i wanted to share it. 
who better to help me iron out the tweaks than my readers!
so here are my 
doodle nails:

so at that point, 
it looks awesome. 
i love the crisp edges of the doodles. 
but i wanted to seal the deal.
although i feared smearing i went forth...

surprise surprise... SMEARING!
yes i should have assumed that. but i really just wanted this to work.
i honestly don't mind the smearing. the doodles are still on my nails and i'm not bothered.
but of course, it would be nicer if it just stayed the same as the original.

so i had a couple thoughts for next time:
1. don't add a top coat, see if the permanent marker stays without being sealed.
2. add "drops" of top coat instead of brush strokes. once those dry then add a complete layer of top coat.
3. draw vertical stripes only (because i add paint on vertically, the marker didn't smear.)
any suggestions?
i love the fact that i could have doodle nails, 
i love the precision of the marker, 
but i don't want any smearing... hmmm...
i'd love to hear your thoughts!
happy thursday!

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