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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

blog swap: elsha rae from her and him

say hello to the beautiful elsha rae.

Hello Love Notes by Lauryn lovelies... 
I am Elsha Rae from Her and Him.

I have loved blog swapping with Lauryn because I have been able to get to know her better. I have also loved her blog for some time now, hop on over to my blog to find out more about the lovely Lauryn.

1. Why did you start your blog?
Fight with my best friend, eat a hamburger, enjoy a hamburger, admit to my parents being right, wear white after Labor day, lose at Wackee Six, grow up, change my mind, and wish things were different are all things I swore I'd never do... but ended up doing. I added BLOGGING to that list. I've had a love-hate, on-again-off-again relationship with journaling. I have very detailed entries of my life spanning months at a time, but it always seemed that the parts of my life I'd like to remember the most are also the parts of my life when I am the most busy... Hence, no journal entries whatsoever. No matter how painfully embarrassing it is to go back and read how "magical" my first kiss was or how "in love" I was with the dream boat in my 7th period class, I'm so thankful I have those memories to look back on. I made a new years resolution to start journaling again. And I realized my best bet in turning this goal into a habit would be to make it enjoyable... and public. So,  I did something I swore I'd never do... I started blogging.

2. What do you most often blog about?
Fashion, love, my incredible Fiance', photography or anything Im simply feeling that day. Things that reflect me.   

3. Do you have a blogger you admire? who is it, and why do you admire them?
Yes. Stephanie. You can find her blog here. Stephanie is an amazing lady that has touched my heart, life, and much more. Her blog is a must read. She is now completely transformed by a near-fatal plane accident {burning the majority of her body}and yet she still chooses to find something to be more than grateful for every single day. She has every right to complain, whine and fuss, however she uses her free agency and chooses not to.

4. How did you come up with the name of your blog, does it have any special meaning?
I love writing about my daily happenings and things, and my daily happenings happen with not only myself, but my better half included. (Kevin) Which is why I titled it Her and Him. Kevin is my best friend, better half, and the worlds best team mate. He holds my heart.

5. Do you have a favorite post? what is it and why is it your favorite?
I really dont think that If I had to pin point just one post and call it my favorite I could. I have gradually been doing more fashion posts because I love love love them. 
This one is my favorite fashion post:

6. What has been your favorite thing about blogging, least favorite?
I know this is going to sound cliche' but I have met some of the sweetest people ever through the blogging world. People that have most definitely touched my heart. Its a humbling feeling almost. I also love being able to document my life and hope that my kids will get a good kick out of it one day.
I dont like it when I find a blog that I LOVE and they aren't consistent with their blog. 

7. Tell us a little bit about you!

I get to marry my best friend on June 8th, and it cant come soon enough! I am getting antsy to say the least.
My man is infinitely times greater than yours.
I love cardigans, preferably mustard.
You may or may not catch me talking in my sleep.
If you were to have a day with my ipod it would consist mainly of Lil Wayne, Bon Iver & some Regina Spektor.
The piano is my favorite way to relieve stress.
I have an infinite love for sushi.
I get incurable cravings for watching an old film numerous times a day.
If you have best friends theyre not the best because the best friends out there are mine.
You would be my favorite person if you were to fly me to Europe.
My Heavenly Father loves me.
Writing is my creative outlet.
&; it can only get better from here.

Thanks Lauryn! Come on over to Her and Him when you get a chance! xo

go on over to her blog everyone, 
it is so great! and she is darling.
thanks so much elsha! i loved blog swapping with you.
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