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Sunday, April 22, 2012

super easy way to embellish flats

all you need is your glue gun for this one!
& embellishments of course.

i had a pair of flats that i liked, but i wanted a little pizazz for them.
i wore them with this outfit.
cute, but want a little extra.

so, i decided to get to work and grabbed a couple of things here and there.
here is what i came up with:
yes, unfortunately, awful lighting.
yes, unfortunately for all pictures in this post.
i know there are always blog tips saying "good, natural lighting"
well, i was doing this late late at night, what can i say.
there is no natural light for late night crafting. k?

seriously, these shoes were cake to make
& took hardly any time at all.
would you like a simple tutorial?

and you end up with these!

i'm kind of excited to have me some coke shoes now.
i knew these bottle caps would come to use eventually!
hope you enjoyed,
and don't forget to enter the downeast basics giveaway!!
everyone needs new clothes!!
happy monday :)

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