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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

guest post: emily from dashboard diary

hello everyone, 
happy day to you all.
today we have the beautiful emily sharing some of her favorite projects.
and i have to say, i love them.
the polaroid one is my favorite.
love polaroids!! 
enjoy, and send emily some love.

Hey y'all! I'm Emily from DashboardDiary!
Two of my favorite things to blog about are traveling and crafting.
Since I'm on a little craft hiatus (PA school is consuming my life), I enjoy living vicariously through other crafters, so I'm sharing some of my favorite projects with y'all today! 
Craft on! Here are my top 5 favorite projects:
A frame with interchangeable letters so that you can change quotes out as you wish
Find my tutorial here
I'm sure you've seen those chicken wire earring holders all over Pinterest, but we realized most of them don't incorporate a method of holding your stud earrings.
Hence, the burlap bow (and the little box attached with brads for rings and things)
Find my tutorial here
I'm obsessed with this Mark Twain quote, and as soon as I found a painting of this old boat at an antique store I immediately thought of it.
Find my tutorial here
My boyfriend gave me a vintage Polaroid Land camera for Valentine's Day (slightly obsessed) and once we finally managed to figure out how to correctly develop pictures (after 3294809328 wasted rolls) we ended up with some awesome pictures. I found an all window frame and arranged the pictures on the frame (which takes so much crafting skills, I know) but it just came out so darn cute.
Find my post on it here
Even though I am the least fashionable person in America, this DIY kinda qualifies as a fashion tutorial:  Stringin' your own pearl bobby pins. I bet you never knew fishing line could be so classy . . . 

Find my tutorial here Come stop by and visit me! . . . and send me some pics if you tackle any of these easy projects! I'd love to see your work!

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