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Sunday, March 4, 2012

two belts turned one

first off, 
i just want to give a HUGE thank you to all those who linked up this weekend!
the first spread the love link party was super successful!
and it's all thanks to you.

if you haven't entered the green berry shop giveaway, you'll want to check it out!
the scarves she sells are seriously to die for. you will need one when you see them.

now do you want to see how i turned two belts into one?
these pictures were all taken on my cell phone. so they are not super fab.
but i think you'll get the idea :)

here's what the ensemble looked like together.

tunic:tuesday morning
shoes:famous footwear
a better picture of the shoes.
a worse picture of my *clean* house.

and finally,
here's what we have been waiting for!

so all i did 
was hook up the yellow belt to the brown closure
and the brown  belt through the yellow closure.
the two belts do a little cross in the back.
(i couldn't get a picture of this by myself)

isn't it cool! 
a premature thank you for forgiving me for the tacky phone photos.
love you all!

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