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Sunday, March 11, 2012

playing catch up

i know i am not "supposed" to apologize when blogging.
but i do.
it's not fair to you all to expect a post and not get one!
so i am sorry!

let's catch up.

+i started up a link party last weekend.
it was fabulous!
this weekend i had midterm projects due, so...
the post for this weekend didn't make it up. 
but the party will be here next weekend! promise.
so please come back and link up on friday!
in the mean time, check out the great linkups!

+the giveaway with the green berry shop has ended.
congratulations to
she won the scarf giveaway!
(you will be contacted soon!)

+because of all this school and work business,
i'm having a hard time keeping up with the blog.
so i am looking for guest posters with GREAT content.
click here to fill out a submission form.

have a wonderful day!
thanks so much for reading.
makes me SMILE!!

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