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Saturday, February 25, 2012

diy laptop decal

i'm back!
as you have likely noticed, 
i have been doing some redesigning around here.
i can't tell you why i do it, i just love to create! 
so here i am, back in posting action!
check out my latest!

i have seen some awesome computer decals on etsy lately that i love.
but i decided i just wanted to get it done and do it myself.
now, i don't have a machine (silhouette, cricket, etc.)
but i do have a sheet of vinyl i got from a craft store a while back.
i used it to make a calendar over the summer, 
you can see the calendar post here.

so i used my handy scissors to cut out simple triangles and lines,
and here's what i came up with!

i was SUPER happy with it.
i was surprised that just a couple of shapes added some spice to my plain laptop!

have a fabulous night

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