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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


so i have a secret.
Fanning Sisters for W Magazine 01
fanning sisters for W magazine
sometimes as i am blog browsing, 
looking for great new blogs to follow...
if the blog design is INCREDIBLE,
i just click follow.

and not just through GFC, 

yes. i know. i am shallow.
i judge books by their covers
(aka: blogs by their headers) 
and not their content!

blog design makes a HUGE difference in the way ANY blog is percieved.
at least in my shallow opinion.

so it's time to evaluate.
is your blog worthy of shallow eyes like myself?
does your blog INVITE browsers to read your content, or drive people away?
think it's time for a redesign?

you're in luck.
because i am offering a free custom blog makeover over at life as twiggy!

blog design is some of my favorite stuff to do.
(as you can likely tell with how often my design changes!)
so i'm itchin' to create something amazing for YOU!

the contest is only open for
so you've gotta act fast
if you want to win this awesome giveaway.

let's get your blog looking SPIFFY!
(trust me. it's easy!)

happy tuesday people!

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