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Monday, January 9, 2012

a first time dye-ing experience!

sad story.
one day i was doing laundry.
i got it out to fold, 
and noticed some pink spots
on ALL the gray stuff in the load.
ugh. seriously, i mixed red in the laundry.

awh shoot.
yes...looks like i'm one of those people.
no, really my experience was not near as bad as the picture above.
but i did ruin a couple gray shirts that were in the load.
my favorite gray cardigan included.
i debated about what i would do with it....
make a scarf, make a headband, ya know...the works.
but i LOVE the fit, and was not wanting to cut it at all.
so i decided i would just dye it...
and here's how it turned out:
(i forgot to take a picture of the pink spots on the gray cardigan so you could see... so just imagine. hehe.)

i haven't had too much experience with dyeing.
and i'm sure i could have done MUCH better.
but for a first time dye-er...not too shabby!
i'm actually pretty excited i was able to salvage the cardigan.

i used this dye:
in a red wine color.
what do you think? any of you experienced in dye-ing?
any tips?

i'm pretty excited to do some more dyeing. 
it is really fun to transform clothes... it's like a mystery to see how it will turn out!
yes. i know i'm a little kid.
yes. i believe in harry potter.
no judging.

lots of love

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