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Sunday, January 22, 2012

felt wreath tutorial

well..if you want.

these pictures are pretty bad.
here are my excuses:

1. awful lighting.

2. this is how tutorial/blogging photography usually works for me:
take one thousand pictures of the same thing over and over
shoot, the lighting is still not right.
take a thousand more pictures.
what? it's been half an hour? i need to just choose a picture.
hmm..that one has a sock in the background, 
that one is blurry.
oh, this one too.
maybe i will just take one more.
take a thousand more pictures.
finally got one!
put it on the computer.
wow. that looked a lot better on my itty bitty camera screen.
well, i will just edit it.
ha! no one will ever know.

so needless to say... i just skipped all that and went with the first picture i took.
i know it's hard to believe, but the camera only clicked ONCE for each of the pics below.
no second tries for this poor tutorial.

another thing:
this tutorial is a little bit interesting..it kinda has double instructions.

you get what you get with my busy life
but it is a tutorial none the less!
let's hope i didn't just scare everyone away from the blog.
love you guys.
thanks for not minding
(i hope!)

a fabulous friend of mine and i got together a little bit ago to make some felt wreaths.
i had a TON of extra felt lying around.
i ended up with a valentines day wreath.
here's mine:

and here's the tutorial
start with a wreath form:

i used a pool noodle i had cut and sealed off with duct tape.
i also wrapped the duct tape around the whole noodle to cover that blue.
no one can know i used a pool noodle,

next trace & cut circles.

use something round to trace the circles.
make sure the circles are all the same size.

pinch/fold/bend the circles.
hot glue to the wreath form:

go around the entire wreath form,
fill in all empty spots with more circles.

i used both fabric and felt for mine and it turned out just great!
i am not sure quite how many circles i used,
but i found out a little goes a long way!
i thought i would need a lot more than i actually ended up using.

easy and fast!
my holiday decorations keep growing!
(yaay for the newly-ish wed!)

happy day
{love} lauryn

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